2nd North American 
Cement Calorimetry Conference
Austin, TX
May 19 & 20, 2020 


Maria Juenger (Keynote Speaker)

Maria Juenger is a Professor at University of Texas Austin’s faculty of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. Her research interests include Hydration chemistry and microstructural characterization of  Portland cement and related materials, mechanisms of chemical deterioration in concrete, concrete durability, reducing the impact of concrete production on the environment.

Topic covered: A new approach to measuring pozzolanic activity (Using existing ASTM standard test methods)

Prannoy Suraneni

Prannoy Suraneri is an Assistant Professor in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Miami. His research focuses on Infrastructure sustainability; Concrete durability; New and advanced infrastructure materials; Supplementary cementitious materials; Chemical admixtures; Cement hydration.


Topic covered: The modified R3 method: a new test method to classify SCMs

Nick Brake

Nicholas Brake is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Dr. Brake’s research interests are in the characterization and enhancement of reclaimed recycled materials including recycled concrete aggregate, coal combustion residuals, dredged soil, Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) slag.


Topic covered: Mechanochemical activation of dredged clay for application in alkali activated binder systems

Abdul Peerzada

Abdul Peerzada is a Graduate Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Glenn Dpt. of Civil Engineering, Clemson University, South Carolina.

Topic covered: Influence of calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) nano-particles on the mechanism of cement hydration and evolution of hydration phases

Fred Aguayo

Dr. Federico (“Fred”) Aguayo is an Assistant Professor in the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program at Texas State University.  Dr. Aguayo’s primary expertise is in concrete durability, deterioration, and evaluation. His research interest includes durability of sustainable and alternative infrastructure materials and developing and linking standardized laboratory testing to field performance

Topic covered: Blended fly ash systems

Paul Sandberg

Paul Sandberg is a Vice President of Applications at Calmetrix. He was formerly employed by WR Grace and Heidelberg Cement as a Research Fellow and has three decades of experience in cement research using calorimetry.

Topic covered: An accelerated method to characterize reactivity of cement substitutes using calorimetry.

Kyle Riding

Kyle Riding is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida Gainesville.  His research covers a wide area, with a focus on durability, crack prediction, permeability testing and the benefits of a wide range of supplementary cementitious materials

Topic covered: Using calorimetry to predict the performance of slag cement

Ask the Expert Session


Calmetrix staff will be available throughout the conference and in a dedicated session to answer any practical questions about cement calorimetry.

Paul Sandberg


Paul Sandberg is a co-founder of Calmetrix. He has three decades of experience in cement and concrete research, and is one of the early instigators to use calorimetry as a tool in cement research.

Jeff Groh


Jeff Groh is the US Sales Manager at Calmetrix. He has over 30 years experience in lab instrumentation with TA Instruments where he was a Director of Customer Support and VP Technology.

Marc Zacharias


Marc Zacharias is a co-founder of Calmetrix with and intimate knowledge of calorimetry and over 20 years cement industry experience.