4th European Applications Conference on Cement Calorimetry


4th European


Cement Calorimetry Conference




Dresden, Germany,  December 2018

4th European Cement Calorimetry Conference 

Dates: December 11 & 12     
Location: Dresden, Germany

Professor Thomas Matschei, along with calorimetry manufacturers, hosted the 4th European cement calorimetry applications meeting on the campus of the Dresden University of Applied Science (HTW Dresden).

An evening event was also organized for all participants at the beautiful Dresden Christmas Market. 


The two-day program included speakers from industry and academia, and was an opportunity for all participants to exchange their experience and gather the latest on the use of isothermal calorimetry in R&D and quality control. 

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A big thanks to all participants
About Calorimetry

Calorimetry is an important tool that is widely used to determine the Heat of Hydration, streamline quality control processes in the manufacturing of cement and concrete, characterize the influence of additives and accelerate research in the field of sustainable concrete products.